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Night Lights - Hetalia by TriaElf9 Night Lights - Hetalia by TriaElf9
My Peter Pan/Hetalia series is a bit on hiatus, so if you want more (current) Peter Pan, then head on to my Peter Pan manga gallery!!: Peter Pan Manga

Well, this took for EVER to do. Mostly because I lost sleep one night this week which I wasn't able to catch up on and then I've been having problems sleeping in, sooooo been really tired. Also I've lost the regular photoshop brushes so I no longer have a round brush and thus couldn't do some certain things, but I hear if I don't point it out, no one will notice :P
So basically, this is one of my favorite scenes in the book between Michael and Mrs. Darling so I just had to draw it. If you can't read the writing, it says:
Michael: "Can anything harm us, Mother, after the night-lights are lit?"
Mrs. Darling: "Nothing, Precious. They are the eyes a mother leaves behind to guard her children."
There's something just so warm and fuzzy about this part to me ^_^

And yes, that is Germania and Rome as Mr. and Mrs. Darling. Now, I know that Germania is usually chosen as the woman (and his looks don't help) but I felt that Rome would be a better Mrs. Darling and that Germania has that sort of distant coldness that Mr. Darling tries to have, as he's trying to be a proper gentleman. so yes.


Mrs. Darling: Rome
Mr. Darling: Germania
Michael: Canada

Other Peter Pan/Hetalia pictures (follow the link below to go to the Gallery with all the pictures): [link]
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April 4, 2009
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