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Peter Pan Hetalia by TriaElf9 Peter Pan Hetalia by TriaElf9
My Peter Pan/Hetalia series is a bit on hiatus, so if you want more (current) Peter Pan, then head on to my Peter Pan manga gallery!!: Peter Pan Manga

Basically this is the brainchild of me being reaaaallly goofy late at night. The meshing of Hetalia (a new addiction) and Peter Pan (an old but still pretty current addiction) was TONS of fun. I have quite a few more pictures on the way, all they need is inking and coloring ^__^
Peter Pan: America (I mean, duuuuuh)
Wendy: England (heheh for a few reasons, first being his relationship with America. In these pictures, England is still a boy, just wearing a nightie. Thus, his confusion in this pic.
Michael: Canada (b/c he's younger and of course, the bear. Also, he has a very Michael attitude.
John: Korea. John was always very gung-ho and know-it-all-y, even if he wasn't always right.
Tink: Sealand. Mostly for his relationship with, hatred of England (who is Wendy)

Yeah, I have the other main people picked out, but if you have any requests of scenes you'd like to see, feel free to pop them my way.
I really had fun coloring this, and I LOVE the clouds. I'm getting sooo much better at clouds.
Well, hope you enjoy (and I hope I'm not the only person who likes both Hetalia and Peter pan...)

Other Peter Pan/Hetalia pictures (follow the link below to go to the Gallery with all the pictures): [link]
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March 1, 2009
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