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Shall I give you a kiss? - APH by TriaElf9 Shall I give you a kiss? - APH by TriaElf9
My Peter Pan/Hetalia series is a bit on hiatus, so if you want more (current) Peter Pan, then head on to my Peter Pan manga gallery!!: Peter Pan Manga

"She also said she would like to give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not know what she meant, and he held his hand out expectantly.
'Surely you know what a kiss is?' she said, aghast.
'I shall know when you give it to me,' he replied stiffly; and not to hurt his feelings, she gave him a thimble.
'Now,' said he, 'shall I give you a kiss?' and she replied with a slight primness, 'If you please.'" - Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

And that's where this picture goes, right at the end of that quote: reaction time!
As the quote shows, Peter has NO clue what a kiss is (not that Wendy has helped much) so this incredibly awkward scene occurs. I hope I'm able to convey the intended "uhhhh...he didn't quiiiiite get it, but that's nice of him, I suppose" in Wendy!England and the "Look! I got you a KISS! Don't you like it? I'm such a nice guy!" in Peter!America.
So yes, whipped this up quickly (if you're wondering why I'm going in order finally, it's that I'm re reading the book to get more scenes to do, so they're coming as I'm reading them ^_^ )

Peter: America
Wendy: England

So yes, Enjoy!

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August 29, 2009
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