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The Wendy Bird - APH by TriaElf9 The Wendy Bird - APH by TriaElf9
My Peter Pan/Hetalia series is a bit on hiatus, so if you want more (current) Peter Pan, then head on to my Peter Pan manga gallery!!: Peter Pan Manga

Or, "Sooomebody's in troooooouble!" *singsong voice*

So, it's been for freaking EVER since I drew the Lost Boys (probably b/c there ARE SO MANY OF THEM AHHH THIS PICTURE TOOK SO LONG, DARN MY ATTENTION TO DETAIL).

So, the scene is pretty self explanitory: it's when Tootles!Germany shoots Wendy!England. Tink!Sealand is hiding (thus, not in the picture) while Tootles!Germany gets chewed out by Peter!America. Phew. All those exclamation points make me feel like I'm shouting ^_^;;;

But yes. Please, I hope you enjoy it b/c I spent forEVER on it. I have a new inking style that takes twice the time b/c I'm actually being careful and putting detail in, the coloring takes forever b/c I'm shading properly, and I had posing issues. But they got fixed. Things I like, hmmmm... The expressions, I feel, convey the whole mood of the picture. From Peter!America's "WHO DID THIS" to each boys "OOOOH, you gonna get it, tootles!" to Tootles!Germany's "Sheeeeeeyit!" expression...that's pretty much what I wanted. Oh, and I love the new way I did their hair. and the shading on England's face. I always like the weirdest, most specific parts of my pictures....

Done mostly in Open Canvas, probably took between 5 and 8 hours to finishing: inking through coloring (I'm not really sure).

but yes. Enjoy! (longest notes ever)
And in case you've forgotten:
the Twins: N. and S. Italy (they look alike and that's all we really know about the twins)
Curly: Prussia (Curly is the troublesome one)
Slightly: Austria (Slightly is the most conceited, but he also loves music)
Tootles: Germany (Tootles is brave but unfortunate things always happen to him)
Nibs: Spain (Nibs is, and I quote, "gay and debonair") And gay as in happy, if you're wondering. it IS an old book ^_^

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April 8, 2010
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